Hello Fabulous!  

Have you ever had a day when you need an uplifting thought?  
Something to keep you going?  

I know I have those days, so I designed this for you to help you through.

I hope you
enjoy this gift.

Simply consider a thought or you could type it in the box if you wish.  
Take a few deep belly breaths in through your nose.  

Click 'yes' once
to see what message is revealed.

Spend the day embracing the thought.  

Affirmations create positive and empowering change
..relax, refresh and repeat as often as you need!

Namaste, Om Shanti and much love,

PS.  Never forget angels are all around you, forever guiding you!

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Your Daily Affirmation
"Find those places
that jump for joy,
and do things that
bring out
your best,
most magic self.
Keep doing them!"
~SARK, Inspiration
"Sitting quietly,
doing nothing,
spring comes
and the grass
grows by itself."
~Zen Proverb