The Goddess: Connecting with the Sacred Feminine
by Margo MacIntosh

This is the story of one woman's path of the Initiate.

The path of the Initiate is the path towards higher consciousness and higher truth. The path of love out of the male paradigm that says black is black and white is white and women have their place. Every woman’s story is a story of pain to some degree or other and it is time that women start to tell their stories because we are in the age of the recovering of the Sacred Feminine/the Goddess. The earth energy has changed and we are being called to clear our baggage so that we can do the work we came here to do. In that clearing we soon find out who we can trust to back us and who we can’t. Not everyone is strong enough in their own power to watch and help someone else find theirs. As women, we look to our opposite, the male energy for support and protection. It is what centuries have taught us to do but it leaves us lonely and it leaves us feeling inadequate because the male energy doesn’t understand our moods and our deep emotional needs. There is sadness in womanhood born of years and centuries and lifetimes of struggle to be HEARD and not just listened too. This sadness needs healing. How many men are strong enough in themselves to stand by us, hold us up when our legs are weak, catch us when we fall and not judge us for our insecurities and struggles as we reach for the silver cord that holds our power and try to pull it back to us. I fear there are few who can withstand the storms necessary to clear the old hurt and the old baggage from our feminine psyche. Those who choose to accompany us on this path of the Initiate and to reclaim their own feminine side will reap the benefits of being in the energy of a woman who has found her power. A woman who can be strong when the man in her life cannot. A woman who can hold a family together, give birth and nurture others through an entire lifetime WITHOUT LOSING WHO SHE IS IN THE PROCESS. There is a new power emerging on our planet with the rebirth of the Goddess and the path of the Sacred Feminine. The year 2000 birthed the Age of Aquarius and the age when the female deity will once again claim her rightful place beside the God that has been worshipped for hundreds of years. It is time in our evolution to embrace this power and face our fears and demons so that we can teach our daughters and sons to be strong. We are the mothers and grandmothers of the Children of the New Earth. We are needed to heal our stories and voice our hurts so that we give permission to those in our care to do the same and to create a more peaceful earth for us all. Our children have a huge job to do to save our planet from destruction and the first step is for women everywhere to become aware that our love and our strength is needed now more than any other time on the planet. Without us this planet will not survive. The male paradigm is coming to an end. The masculine energy has been too one sided and it has led to war and hatred on a mass scale. A scale so vast that it threatens to destroy life itself.

When a woman voices the truth about her own life from her point of view the people she thought she could count on often disappear and she is criticized and condemned for being selfish or a bitch. In the book the Magdalen Manuscript, Mary Magdalen says “What do you fear? It will come to your door if you choose the path of the Initiate.? How true this is. Marianne Williamson said in A Woman’s Worth that when she gave her life to God and pledged to be of service to humanity asking to have spiritual growth she thought that God would come in and “fix? her life but instead he came in with a wrecking ball and tore it down to it’s foundation. This is what seems to happen when a woman voices her truth. Even if her truth doesn’t make sense to anyone else it is important that she voice it because each person has their own truth, their own sense of what is right for them and the vast majority of women have let the men in their lives decide what is best for them. They have endured a loss of the power to create their own lives and live their dreams in the attempt to keep everyone in their lives happy and secure. Then one day we wake up and wonder where we went, who we are and what we are here for. God help us if we start to actually rock some boats to try to figure that out! We find that even our own Mothers turn on us and their fear comes to the surface. In some cases this is a lashing out because we are not quiet and good little girls anymore in their eyes. We bring up for them all their “stuff? and they lash out at us in an attempt to stay asleep and face the reality that women everywhere are facing. Our mothers lived lives in which they swallowed their own pain and denied their own hurt. They taught us to do the same because after all “good girls conform, good girls don’t complain, good girls don’t demand what they want, good girls grow up and get married and look after their men no matter what!? Women of today need to change this dogma so that our daughters have the freedom to be who they really are and not who society thinks they should be. Then they will have the power and the strength to teach their own children and a shift will happen on the planet.

Nearly always the men in our lives take this attempt at self empowerment as a personal affront against them and tension ensues that adds to the pain already being faced. The foundation we thought we had built for ourselves shakes and huge cracks begin to develop. We begin to face our deepest fears and to face pain more intense than any pain we have ever faced before. The foundation of childhood is supposed to hold us strong in our convictions about life but what if that childhood was filled with insecurity and fear? What if we didn’t get what we needed from our parents the most? What if they didn’t give us their time, their presence, their belief in us and their commitment to do what was needed for us to be happy and feel safe? What if they never held us, never kissed our foreheads, didn’t believe us about things that were crucial to be believed about? What if they were dealing with their own pain and their own issues and hadn’t woken up to the need to face them and clear them? What if we learn to be “good little girls? and never cause anyone any worry so that everyone will love us and accept us just to find out that those same people can turn on us as quickly as anyone else? There is no pain as deep as this, no hurt as hard to deal with, no quick remedy that can soothe us. It leads us into relationships that are either totally dysfunctional or into relationships where we look for men to protect us and keep us safe instead of finding the strength to protect ourselves and keep ourselves safe and then choosing to share that with a special man. We begin to need to distance ourselves from the very people who have taken on the role of protector in order to be able to view our lives from a perspective where we can begin to heal the deep wounds inside. We have to do our own work, face our fears head on and somehow learn to stand strong in the face of judgement from others and the loss of some of the people we love in order find ourselves again. It is work that can bring you to your knees. It is work whose time has come.

Margo McIntosh (RHN, RNCP) owner of Health, Harmony and Balance is a registered Nutritionist currently studying Iridology. She can be reached at Visit her website or phone: (519) 624-8927