Conscious Relaxation

by Tammy Lawrence-Cymbalisty

Savasana is how yogi's or yogini's (yoga practitioner male or female respectively) begin and finish all yoga sessions. Is is one of the most important poses. Basically it is full restorative relaxation.

Savasana translated means 'corpse pose' in Sanskrit. Loosely explained; it is a time to fully let go of all holding; mentally, physically, emotionally and a time to absorb the practice; it is a time to be reborn (hence the corpse) after letting go of all past action, thoughts that no longer suit etc.,

It may sound easy at first, but as you are in the pose you'll realize the need for practice (which I'm told makes perfect!).

Here's how: -Lie on your back
-Kick into your heels, ankles together and spread your feet about eight to twelve inches apart
-Let the feet drop open to the sides
-Hands are placed by the hips, palms facing upward
-Close the eyes
-Release all holding; consciously relax every muscle you can find
-Become aware of your breathing
-As thought will undoubtedly enter your mind; allow them to pass. Become the silent observer and without attachment or judgment watch self.
-Hang out here for 5-10 mins; do not fall asleep!

Special Considerations:
In pregnancy it is not advisable to lie flat on the back. Please speak to your Doctor or Yoga teacher about alternatives for Savasana.

We end our time together saying, "Namaste," which means: I honor the love, the light, the truth in you."