Riding Transcendntal Waves; Surfing and Meditation
~An interview with Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa (Chris Butler)

Q: Most surfers probably regard a good tube ride as the highlight of a solid session in the water. No other manoeuvre is quite like it. When the surfer gets inside the tube, time seems to distort as he flows with a twisting curl of energy its an incredible feeling.

Jagad Guru: Then why does he have to keep going back in search of the tube? Thats the trap they're in, trapped searching for the experience that comes with the tube. They want to keep merging with the void, being part of that energy. It actually comes down to simply wanting to forget their misery, so they can exist and not be aware of any of their problems. I mean everybody is always searching for everything to be in its right place. But there are always all kinds of problems. So generally a surfer goes into the water to forget his miseries and get away from it all to get away from the hassles. But even in the water there are hassles; the waves break on you, the water is cold, all the other people out there are hassling you, and so on.

So surfing is a search for happiness which is natural, and the tube ride is just another medium or means to come to that situation of being happy. Someone else might get that very same feeling from skiing or some other feeling where everything seems to fit. But its never for long although everything fits together perfectly for a second or two, it never lasts.


~Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa (Chris Butler) Science of Identity Foundation
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