Create Positive after Loss Spread unconditional love unconditionally!

What do you do when you receive a phone call that a loved one has left their physical body?

.. YOGA...

My beloved sister 40 years of age died from a massive heart attack.

I found comfort in allowing my body to transform through each asana (physical posture) without any hesitation. I surrendered to a higher power to cope with the situation.

My doctor suggested yoga as a way to handle my stress breakdown 3 years prior. Yoga is such a part of my life now that I teach at homeless shelters and well as other facilities.

Recently I did a fundraiser in memory of my sister. My intention was to raise enough money to purchase a heart defibulator so other families would be spared the agony of a loss. Not only did I raise enough money for one but for three aed units and the money is still coming in!

How do you tell someone how much you love them and spread unconditional love?

You make heart cushions made up of their initials intertwined.

My name is Elizabethe and hers was Cathy. Each cushion is lovingly made out of Indian saris and filled with buckwheat hulls.

The vision to create these cushions came after her passing . A percentage of cushion sales goes towards the purchase of future heart defibulators.

Things happen for a reason; good or bad, whether I truly believe it or not.

How blessed am I to receive the gift of yoga, the love of a sister and the unselfish love of a higher power?


Elizabethe Vick is a Certified Yoga Teacher and a TLC Services trained Reiki Master. She is the owner of

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