ICF GTA-Chapter Meeting

January 8, 2004 Carol-Ann Hamilton, Spirit Unlimited

Intention is the difference between having a vision and bringing it into the world. An intention is a commitment to accomplishing an objective, to creating something that was not there, or to continue creating something that is.
Intention is not the same as New Year's Resolutions or goals. A goal is the application of your will to accomplish something physically tangible (e.g., an athlete who prepares to run her best race). Intention is the quality of consciousness that accompanies an action; it is the motivation.
Nothing gets accomplished without intention. The action, such as seeking a new job, is visible and so is the effect of the action, such as finding the job. However, the intention behind the action is where the heart of the matter lies. In our example intentions could include making more money, finding more meaning, gaining influence, or helping people.
Consequences are determined by the intentions, not actions. Your intentions determine your experiences, whether or not you are aware of them. When you become aware of your intentions, you can change your experiences by changing your intentions.
Sometimes when you think you intend one thing, you actually intend something else. You can discover if this is the case by becoming aware of your emotions. If you intended one thing and then are disappointed at the consequence, you had a hidden agenda you did not know about – an intention different from the one you thought you held.
Universal Laws
Energy flows out of our bodies like a signal or wave from a radio or television station. Each of us emits a very precise signal. Everyone and everything in our environment picks up certain of these signals.
The Universal Law of Attraction states that we attract into our lives people and circumstances that are in alignment with the energy signals we emit. Only those who are on the same wavelength respond to them, as only radios and television sets that are tuned to a particular station or channel will pick up the signal of that station or channel.
What you focus on expands. Your thoughts will create more of the same – whether positive or negative. When you express gratitude for the positive things in your life, the process of manifestation is accelerated.
One way we interfere with the free flow of energy is by holding on to what we already have (e.g., money, other things of material value, people). Holding onto anything blocks the free flow of energy around our experience with the person or object, and reduces the pleasure we experience. It also inhibits the free movement of new things and new people into our lives.
There are no accidents; there are no coincidences.
Alignment is the way into achieving the intentions you set forth. It is the degree to which your inner and outer world is actually set up to support what you say you want. This can include internal belief systems and attitudes as well as the external circumstances of your life.
For example, you can attract the type of people and/or situations you want in your life by (first) becoming that type of person. If you want loving people in your life, you must become loving, which means finding the parts of your personality that are not loving and changing them. If you want to live in a world that is less violent, you must find the parts of your personality that are violent and change them. This is the heart of personal development.
And, you must want to. Meaning, if you say you want love but do everything to push it away when it comes into your life, then you might want to ask yourself where you are not in alignment with receiving love.
If we were already in full alignment with what we seek, we would have manifested it. Therefore, the “evidence? of a need to check for alignment is in the degree to which the people and circumstances you say you want are actually in your life.
Alignment shows you your beliefs, regardless of what you think you believe. Do you think you are caring? Notice whether the people around you care more for themselves or others. You need only see the people around you clearly in order to see what values and beliefs you hold.

In what ways do you see yourself to be in alignment?

In what areas of your life are you not in alignment?

Completing 2003
List three accomplishments you achieved in 2003.

_______________________________________________________ List three aspects of your life for which you are grateful.

_____________________________________________________ List three lessons you learned in 2003.

_______________________________________________________ Setting Our Intentions
What three BEING intentions do you want to set for 2004? (Being is about personal leadership, your qualities/values/character)

_______________________________________________________ What three DOING intentions do you want to set for 2004? (Doing is about how you want to grow in your life)

_______________________________________________________ What kind of support(s) do you need to get there?

What kind of accountability structures are called for?

4-Part Process Tips, Suggestions, Food For Thought, Desire....WHAT DO YOU WANT? Intention = desire without attachment to the outcome (e.g., attachment to money will always create insecurity, no matter how much money you have in the bank) We create our lives with our thoughts supported by our feelings (it is the feeling behind the thoughts that gives our thoughts their power) You can be/do/have whatever you can imagine. Ask. REMEMBER TO ASK FOR SUPPORT Use affirmations to keep the energy flowing Begin to act as if what you would like to attract is already in your life Develop an awareness of yourself as a recipient To have abundance in our lives requires a willingness to recognize it is always available. Believe. WE BECOME WHO WE BELIEVE WE ARE Many of our beliefs are formed sub-consciously, so it is important to try to excavate our hidden belief systems Every single thing existing in our life reflects what we believe about ourselves What we hold in our consciousness, we manifest on the physical plane There is one fool-proof way to know what we believe it is to look at the results we achieve (to know what you believe, look at what you have). Receive. BE OPEN TO RECEIVING WHAT YOU ASKED FOR Be aware of cues that your desires are manifesting, especially if they are not in a form you had considered Act immediately on the cues that arrive by acknowledging them Begin and end each day with an expression of gratitude How can you use this process, as well as what you have learned in this session, to help and manifest your intentions?

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