Chakra Balancing
Rest and Rejuvenate with TLC
What are the Chakra's?

Sanskrit for wheel the chakras are the energy centers that run the length of the spine from the coccyx to the crown of the head. These spinning vortexes of light control our emotion-al, physical and mental health.

When the chakras are in alignment we feel balanced, centered and well. When the chakras are out of alignment the body tends toward dis-ease.

There are 7 main chakras each with a different colour and each connected to the bodys physical organs and endocrine centers.

There names, colours and locations are:

Red Muladhara, base of the spine

Orange Swadhisthana, 2 inches be-low belly button

Yellow Manipura, 2 inches above the belly button

Green Anahata, heart center

Blue Visshuddha, throat center

Indigo Anja, third eye point on the forehead

Purple or white Sahasrara, crown of the head

What is Muscle Testing?
Applied kinesiology or muscle testing is used for a variety of issues to show if the body is having a positive or neg-ative response to its interior or exteri-or environment. A muscle test is done by having a cli-ent resist a muscle group while the practitioner applies force. It is a pain-free method of exploration and inves-tigation. If a the response is strong the body is having a positive response. If the response is weak, the body is having a negative response. These responses can be indicative of stress and imbal-ance in the body.
Chakra balancing feels incredible and the body is happy to help put itself back into the state of homeostasis (balance).


How long does it take?
A treatment can take as little as 15 minutes or upwards of one hour but will depend on how many chakras are out of alignment.

What happens during a treatment?
Clients remain fully clothed and stand-ing or sitting throughout the treat-ment. Upon arrival the client is intro-duced to muscle testing and the chak-ras.

How often should someone come for a treatment?
This is your preference. However, once per month is suggested.

What is the cost?
Please read RPM Services for details for this expanded service