Every moment in life brings you a chance to learn,
evolve and grow to your full potential.
Are you willing to look into the dark areas in order to shine more light?
Where are you holding back?
Why are you holding back?

Take a moment to observe self. Silently witnessing. Silently observing self.
Give yourself permission to delve into any resistance that may arise.
Don't run from it!
Embrace it.
Allow yourself to breath deeply, discover any and all sensations that arise.
Resistance can be a great teacher.
Why hide?
What harm will come from you simply being yourself? By delving into your resistance?
Where can you express your truth more fully?

Isn't it time you took a stand? A stand for self?
This doesn't mean alienation; rather be present for your feelings, your thoughts and emotions.

Stay in the moment. Why worry about a past you can't change? Why worry about a future that hasn't yet manifested?
Be here! Now!

There is much growth in being present; in embracing you now.
Allow your heart center to open. Don't hold back. Love intensely, embrace others, live for today.
No one is holding you back but yourself.
Often we rely on others to fulfill our needs. Yet, if we wish to find true balance we need internal exploration.

It is no one's job on this planet to fulfill you, complete you or make you whole. That's your job. Do you understand?

If you hold back who are you truly suppressing?
Your boss? Your partner? Friends? Family?
You got it....you!

Why suppress your greatness?
Maybe you're thinking, "Huh, I'm not great."
Here is where you are mistaken.
You are great! Powerful! Universal!
Know this! More importantly live it!

Ask yourself again, "How can I embrace life more fully?"
"Where can I surrender more to the ebb and flow of my truth? Of simply being? Of me?"
No one in the world can answer this for you; no one but you.
Have you forgotten that your happiness is your responsibility? That you can not change anyone else? Or live their lives for them?
We need to heed our own advice. It's not only about positive thinking. It is about positive and present living! We can read every self help book on the planet but it is our duty to LIVE it! How many people do you know that can narrate the infamous words of Deepak Chopra? Oprah? Wayne Dyer? Many can. But how many truly live those words?

Its source is honouring self.

The whole package; every feeling, thought and emotion.

Your life is meant to be lived to its fullest.

Each day you are shown on a constant basis what you need to work on. Looking at those around you will show you this mirror.

What does your reflection look like?

Starting today: Live it. Love it. Fulfill it!
You ARE wonderful!

"Shine On" ~ John Lennon

Love ~ TLC