Reiki students say...

*Great workshop.  Lots of excellent energy in session;  informative and easy to follow.

*Excellent workshop.  It's good to be so interactive and use the techniques learned.  Calm &

*Awesome Class - don't change a thing!

*I discovered a lot about me;  today has changed my life.

*I didn't know if I would be able to feel the energy right away, but after the attunement I did!

*I liked the small class size.  I asked more questions than I would have had the class been larger.

*Tammy's instruction in our Reiki level 1 training was excellent, she was very effective in providing
me with the history, skills & benefits of Reiki.  The information in the handbook provided me with
everything I needed for starting my new and enlightening journey.  I have great respect for Tammy...
she is a natural with Reiki and for teaching its wonderful benefits.  My life has changed for the better,
I believe I was lead to Tammy at the right time in my life.  I will be back for level 11 soon and I look
forward to it very much!!

*The class was very enjoyable, well-presented, spiritual and informative.  It was exactly what I was
looking for and will continue with.  Thank you!

*The class helped me confirm and make stronger many ideas and thoughts:  for example, things
happen for a reason.  You get back what you give out.

**Your opinion matters....
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There are three kinds of people in the world.,
Those who watch things happen.
Those who make things happen and
those who wonder what happened.

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