Sometimes its not possible to find a class time or location that suits
your schedule.  Or maybe you &/or a group of friends are interested
in enjoying yoga classes in the comfort and
privacy of your home.
Maybe you would like private instruction on a regular basis or simply
a session or two to work on something specific,  Tammy can
customize the level and content to fit your needs.
Instruction for groups also available.
For details
Or phone (519) 650-3560
"The art of teaching is tolerance.
Humbleness is the art of learning."
                          -BKS Iyengar

*Whatever your experience ...we are all
students in the game of life

*When the student is ready...
the teacher will come
TLC SERVICES, 333 William Street, Cambridge, ON N3H 3W4
(519) 650-3560 **Appointment by prior arrangement only