Excerpt from 'Ten Keys to Happiness'

1. Choice

"I now choose to be happy." You can choose to see the world any way you want. You can choose your thoughts which create actions and reactions (emotions). Your choice of thoughts has formed your life as it is now. Your attitude determines how you experience the world. If you want to change your life, change your thoughts. You can choose a life of peace, joy and happiness. You can decide to stop being affected by the outer world and, instead, to affect the world around you with your peace.

2. Love

"I love and approve of myself."

Love is the most important ingredient in life. When there is love there is no fear or doubt. It is compassion, forgiveness and total detachment. Love is the ever-extending and expanding life itself. Have faith in love. It is the solution to whatever confronts you, the answer to every question, the healer of every wound, the friend when you feel lonely, the nurturer in hard times. Love cannot be given to you. It can only come from yourself. You do not know that there is love until you have and give it yourself. When you have love for yourself you will see love in everyone and everything, without comparison and judgment.

3. Truth

"I now listen to my inner voice of wisdom."

If you are indecisive, the way of truth is always the perfect path leading to peace and joy, not confusion. Pay attention with your heart, listen to the unspoken words, for all of these are ways to your inner truth. Truth is healing and it frees you from guilt and anger. Truth is an agent of love wanting to be expressed and followed. Spoken from your heart, it cannot cause conflict or hurt others. On the contrary, it will solve problems and affect the way people look at themselves, Find out what is true for yourself; it may not always be what is true for others. Make truth your daily guide and you will not go astray.

4. Forgiveness

"I will not judge today."

Happiness can be reached only when you practice forgiveness. By forgiving yourself and others you let go of fear, judgment and misery. Forgiveness frees you and allows you to see the good in everyone including yourself. It enables you to correct any perceptions which are not reflecting love. It is not up to you to change anybody, but to accept others as they are. Choose to see innocence in everyone, including yourself. When you have the need to talk about someone else, you have not forgiven. When you have the need to argue, you have not forgiven. When you have the need to justify, you have not forgiven. When you have the need to blame, you have not forgiven.

5. Joy

"I am living in the ever-joyous now."

A person who chooses to see things in a brighter way is usually a much happier person. Your way of looking at situations, people and yourself creates a feeling. Start to see things from the positive side. Joy is a choice. Be positive. If you don't feel like it, act as if you were. Move your body. Step out of the situation that has dragged you down or the thoughts that have made you miserable. Moving your body will move your state of being. Let go of fear and guilt and stay in the present moment, by seeing, smelling, feeling and tasting your surroundings.

6. Balance

"I now create peace and harmony in my life."

A balance in what you eat, how you feel, what you do, and what you think, is desirable in every aspect of life, as it creates more harmony within yourself and with others. Nature works on the basis of balance. It works in total perfection, where each action is harmonized with another. We are all part of it and function on the same principles. Our society is based on imbalanced motives, such as trying to heal one deficiency with one remedy instead of looking at it as a whole. Attachments and addictions are effects caused by imbalanced thoughts and actions. Let the law of nature control your life.

7. Expression

"I now am free to be me."

To express yourself is to give yourself the freedom to be you. Denial is the opposite meaning: you do not accept the way you are nor how you feel. Many limitations and restrictions and beliefs have been put on us by society, family, tradition and religion, resulting in guilt. Overcome them, and see what is right for you. Avoid misunderstandings and problems by letting others know what is going on within you - fast - without attacking the other person. Taking it personally is the other person's choice and not your responsibility. Allow yourself to be who you really are and remember that it is none of your business what others think of you.

8. Trust

"I now trust that all is well."

'Don't worry, be happy!' This statement really needs no further explanation. The past is over, there is nothing you can do about it. And worrying about what might happen in the future does not get you very far either. Let go of the past and future worries. You are not the victim of the world you see, but of your own thoughts. Let go of control and trust that there is a higher intelligence working in perfect order. Allow it to be. By believing and trusting that all is well in your world, you create peace and harmony. Only doubt and fear will stop you from being happy.

9. Gratitude

"All that I give is given to myself."

Happy people are the ones who are grateful for what they have and what they are. Miserable and depressed people don't know how to say thank you. The more you have, the more grateful you can be. Start off by saying thank you to yourself; appreciate how far you have come and what you have achieved. It could be a lot worse. Giving thanks and appreciation opens many doors. Be grateful even for mistakes and conflicts, because these give you the opportunity to learn and grow. Give and you receive. Remember last time you gave something with love? Was it not really receiving?

10. Courage

"In change is where I grow."

Take risks, do something different, come out of your comfort zone. You won't grow personally and spiritually if you are sticking to what you are comfortable with. There might be something great awaiting you on the other side of the lake. Don't let routines and fixed beliefs control your life. Life is ever changing. There is only one consistency and that is change. It brings aliveness and excitement, growth and fulfillment. You need courage to change and to choose happiness. Then the path to finding happiness can be as exciting as happiness itself.

Excerpted from 'Ten Keys to Happiness' Gudrun Kretschman Pages 10-11, 14-15, 18-19, 22-23, 26-27, 30-31, 34-35, 38-39, 42-43 and 46-47.

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You can use it over and over every 30 days until the new concepts have become deeply rooted in you.

Change happens with repetition and time. But change can also happen overnight if you have a strong desire to change, a willingness to accept new ideas, and an ability to visualize clearly how you want to be, think, or act.

There are no rules about how fast or slowly you or your life will change its entirely up to you-and what you believe. Remember:


This book is about possibility, its about leaping beyond where you have been into the person you have always wanted to be.

This book is also about responsibility, keeping your thoughts, words, and imagination focused on the best you want for yourself.

You can do anything, be anything, have anything in whatever amount of time you've told yourself it has to take.


Change is not always easy. Habits, even the worst ones, are comfortable because they are familiar getting rid of old ways of talking and thinking might make you feel lost at first. That's natural. many people have become comfortable with terrible, demeaning circumstances.




For example, don't make waves in smooth relationships because the only ones you've experienced have been hard work! If you expect the boom to fall, you know now that in some way, you yourself will cause it to fall.

Remember: When you change, getting rid of old negative patterns you might feel empty, lost, sad, uncertain, or confused. Those feelings will pass. You have simply created a vacuum for good thoughts and patterns to flow in. Don't fill up the new space with a different negative pattern!

With a little practice and time you will get used to the new you. You might slip and go back to the old pattern for a little while. Don't get upset with yourself. Just get back on track. You will be stronger each time. The new you will bring you so much happiness, love, money, satisfaction, and health, you will soon give up going back to the old ways.




1. Review this book often. Some days you may want to read only one passage, other days you may want to read more. Repeat this 30 days to happiness often. each time you do, it will be a new experience. The first time through, you've probably analyzed the new concepts and perhaps even resisted some of them. each time you do the 30 days again, you will want to work more with goals, affirmations, and visualization.

2. Underline the sentences in this book that are important to you. These are the concepts you're now ready to absorb. As you read this book you will want to underline more. The new markings will show you your changes and your progress toward a greater understanding.

3. Offer these ideas to others, but only if they are receptive They have their paths to follow, in their own time.

4. Keep up a strong desire to make your life happier. Intense desire actually attracts good things to you. Your life will improve by leaps and bounds! It's only up to you!

TODAY'S THOUGHT: You create everything in your life!

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