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Allow yourself to move into greater peace and tranquility
Love yourself more fully.
Give yourself permission to embrace all parts of your life.
Be one with your inner spirit.
Constantly TRUST the universe knows what its doing

Take several moments each day to observe your breathing.
Allow the breath to nourish every part of you, every cell.
Give yourself permission to live in the present moment of awareness.
Not worrying about tomorrow or re-examining yesterdays program.
Live for today.
Fully embrace each second.
Live in truth.
Sending love and understanding not only to those you care for but also yourself.

You are worthy of as much love and understanding you give others.
If you are in a constant state of anxiety and stress are you truly being good to you? Ask yourself this question and then be honest with the answer.

"If you truly want your spirit to evolve and grow into the mystic, find peace, happiness and harmony you have to do the work."
-John Pothiah

It will not happen automatically.
The work involves meditation, yoga and breath work.
Spend five minutes everyday focusing on the breath.
Breathing in universal light energy.
Allowing the light of your 'Higher power' to fill you with joy, love and contentment.
As you exhale visualize all of the pain leaving you.
This could be pain from an outside source or from within.

Regardless of its power over you - exhale it, release it, let it go and simply surrender.

You are truly not in control. It is not up to you.
You have the power to do the work.
Be open to experiencing all of what the universe has to offer you.

Embrace it fully.

Apply the following story to your life

A man and his son were walking in the forest.
Suddenly the boy trips and feeling a sharp pain He screams, “AHHHHHH.”
Surprised he hears a voice coming from the mountain, “AHHHHHH!”
This makes him angry, so he screams: “You are a coward!”, And the voice answers: “You are a coward!”
He looks at his father, asking, “Dad, what is going on?”
“Son,” the man replies, “pay attention!”
Then he screams, “I admire you!” The voice answers: “I admire you!”
The father shouts, “You are wonderful!”, and the voice answers: “You are wonderful!”
The boy is surprised, but still can’t understand what is going on.
Then the father explains, “People call this ‘ECHO’, but truly it is ‘LIFE’! Life always gives you back what you give out! Life is a mirror of your actions. If you want more love, give more love! If you want understanding and respect, give understanding and respect! If you want people to be patient and respectful to you, give patience and respect! This rule of nature applies to every aspect of our lives.”
Author Unknown

Life always gives you back what you give out.

Your life is not a coincidence, but a mirror of your own doings.

Live it. Love it. Fulfill it!

It is your right.