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"That was unbelievable!  I can't believe how well
I relaxed for this meditation.  And how well I
slept that same night!  Thank you Tammy"

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Yoga Nidra has been considered "yoga sleep."

It is a state that seems like sleep, although
practitioners are not actually sleeping but rather in
a deep state of conscious relaxation.

It is a meditation practice that has been handed
down from guru to disciple in past.  The secrets of
Yoga Nidra, need not be secret any longer!

Yoga Nidra involves guided meditation and
relaxation.  There are many different types of Yoga
Nidra depending upon the teacher.

Yoga Nidra relieves anxiety and tension in the
body.  Allowing the autonomic nervous system to
relax helping to relieve physical discomforts.

Tammy has been teaching Yoga Nidra since 2000.

You will find it to be calm and relaxing and the
benefits go far beyond the meditative practice.

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