Yoga Class Advice:

Please arrive early. Getting to class about 5-10 minutes early can help you settle in. Take your time; sit or lie, breathe, and get centered.

Please do not eat before class. If you practice yoga on a full stomach, you might experience cramps, nausea, or vomiting. You'll thank yourself for it.

Please let the teacher know about any injuries or illness. I've had many students tell me after several months of practice, "Oh, I have fibromyalgia or arthritis etc.," It is very important to know these things.

Create an intention; a word or a phrase and stay with it for several deep grounded breaths. Life gives us what we ask for so set a clear intention each day.

Please turn off pagers &/or cell phones. And if you are expecting an important call at least be courteous enough to explain it to the class. They will understand if someone in your family is ill etc., and will appreciate the sharing.

Please be quiet. Many people come to yoga as an outlet, a sense of community; which is great. Yet there is nothing worse than trying to meditate or work deeply in a pose when the people next to you are chatting. Please respect the class enough to save it for an appropriate time.

Whatever you do, listen to your body. I know people get sick of hearing this. Yet it is important. Do not push it. Instead of trying to go deeply into a pose, do what you can without strain. When I took Rodney Yee's class in Toronto last year even he expressed the importance of this. "Its not about going too far into it (any pose), its about creating space for the breath." Good advice!

Interested in joining a class... Visit my Yoga Schedule page for times/locations. Namaste, TL-C.