Did you ever wish you could have private meditation instruction in
your own home?

Would you like to find out answers to the questions you have in your life?

Do you breathe deeply enough into your body?

Is there a way to enhance the breathing process in order to increase your health
and wellness?

Do you hold tension in your body?
Dear friend,

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions your ready to own this meditation CD.
It could be exactly what you are looking for!

Many people who try meditation believe it is about having an empty blank mind.  Nothing could be further from the truth!

You're mind's essence is to think, analyse and calculate.

Ask yourself, when was the last time I sat and thought of absolutely nothing?

If you answered, "Never" you may be onto something!

It is true and many others will agree with you!

Mindful Melody helps in this process by allowing you to be guided through a meditation experience.  You will not be thinking
about nothing!  You will be focusing on your breath, your body or your mind.

Maybe you are, like me when I first started meditating.  I felt lost, alone and easily frustrated.  It would have been far easier if I
had someone's voice to help me along my path. Now some 20 years later, I can float away with ease.  Although, I'll admit I still
enjoy being guided occassionally.

Mindful Melody has 3 meditations - all of which are complete in less than 15 mins.
You'll find 3 meditations including:
1.  Breathing Meditation        (7:58) 10.9 MB
2.  Progressive Relaxation     (12:48) 17.5 MB
3.  Island Getaway               (12:32)  17.2 MB

The background has flowing water sounds gratefully provided by Mother nature via the Trent waterway and the Grand River

TLC SERVICES is located at 333 William Street, Cambridge, ON, N3H 3W4
Phone:  (519) 650-3560   
***Prior arrangements necessary  for all appointments
Photo by Daniel C. Hebert
Here is what people are saying about
the meditations:

"I never go as deeply into meditation as
I do when Tammy leads.
I'm definitely buying one!"
~ Donna

"Can I take you home with me?  
Please.." ~Jody

"Can you bring three to the next class?
I love your voice!"  ~ Maureen

"Tammy, your voice is so soothing!"  
Get started today!
Price:  $15.00 CDA

This is a digital product, no physical product will be shipped.  You have access to it immediately after
purchase - download time will depend on your server (see file sizes above).

In the event you are not completely satisfied I'm offering you a 60 day money back guarantee.