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Bob Crawford is a personal development and success coach, helping people overcome their challenges and successfully reach their desires. Bob integrates universal principles such as the law of attraction with modern coaching and goal-setting techniques to not only help people learn how to set and achieve their goals faster and with less effort, but to literally begin designing a life of meaning and purpose.
Sumner M. Davenport, Self Worth Activist, Results Coach, Author/Speaker
As a Results Coach, Sumner employs a unique method of clarifying and
envisioning goals which assists her clients to break out of their habitual box of
thinking and planning. Her deepest passion is to see people empowering others
while living the life of their dreams. She encourages people to question their
premature cognitive commitments and discover their own answers for their lives.
Larry Agresto is a Life & Success Coach and the founder of Peak Performance Coaching. He is also a writer, author and speaker. His work and writings focus on change and transformation. He is dedicated to all people living a fulfilled life. His latest work The Power of Magical Thinking is about helping people to truly believe in themselves and realize their true potential based on embracing unlimited possibilities into their lives. Think Magic! He has written several e-books: The Journey, The Principles of Success, What’s Stopping You and The 100 Day Breakthrough. His latest e-book is entitled The Power of Magical Thinking. He is also writing a hard cover book entitled A New Beginning.
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