Entrepreneurs are four times more likely to become millionaires than people who work for others regardless of the economy. Most new Entrepreneurs are puzzled to find the answers they need to succeed with their business idea, their network marketing, or grow their existing business in a new direction and still maintain their spiritual balance.
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Author, Sumner M. Davenport

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Attracting Success With The Law of Attraction : A Five Step Process to Achieving Your Dreams
from Bob Crawford
In this audio program Bob shares a powerful, five step system that will enable you to tap into your inner strength and begin making the changes in your life that you desire. Using the principles behind the law of attraction you can begin creating those changes in your life today! Bob shows you how easy it is to develop positive habits that will help you achieve your desires faster than ever before.

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by Larry Agresto, Peak Performance Coaching The free report is so powerful that you will know that you have finally found the answers to guide you toward living the life of your dreams! The free Coaching Consultation is worth its weight in gold!

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Imagine being swept away to a sacred land.  In the center of this space there is a small fire burning.  Sitting around
the hearth a group of guides, your teachers, await you.

As you approach you feel all of your tension and worries draining away.

Your guides smile at you and immediately you understand this is your sacred space.  You have been guided here.

A thought enters your mind; a question, a quandry, something you've been working on.

Within an instant one of the teachers voices echoes through your mind.  It is only a few words, but it is fitting.

You are transported back to this space in time; miraculously with a new understanding, a fresh and new
perspective on life.

From the desk of Tammy Lawrence-Cymbalisty

Dear friend,

This is what
First Hand Miracles can do for you!

In a well thought out program, this quote collection has the potential to
change your life!

Sometimes all we need is a new perspective.

The brain is so amazing; however, sometimes
it needs help in shifting and changing perspectives.

Did you know that you have approximately 60,000
thoughts every day?

And do you know scientists believe we think 90% of the
same thoughts we had yesterday?

It's no wonder you feel stuck somedays.  You keep creating the same
reality over and over again.

Which means you are always dealing with yesterday!

Once you shift your perspective you can create significant change in
your life....just imagine living your dream life.  No more struggling
simply creating harmony, peace, happiness.

You can control your mind.

You can create the life you've always wanted to live.

Let this
8 step program show you the way!

What is stopping you from changing your life?  So many of us get
stopped dead in our tracks.  We get an idea of how to change things and then
we allow fear to stop it from happening.

Andre Gide once said, "Man can not discover new oceans unless he can
loose site of the shore."  (Women, too.)

This might be a lightbulb moment for you.

You have the power within you to change anything you wish!

This program is jam-packed with information to help you  Here's what you'll get:

*The First Hand Miracle 44 page ebook packed full of life changing quotes.
You can start applying these quotes today to help you shift your perpective!

*Learn 8 life changing steps & the secret number your subconscious mind will respond to
Which means you can create changes starting today.

*Reprogram your brain:  reduce worry, tension and fear!  Which means you will change your reality,
be happier and healthier.  Plus its pain-free....why keep struggling when you don't have to?

*An audio version you can download.  Which means you can make it portable; download it to your ipod
or mp3 player or burn it to CD!  You can take it in your car, play it at the gym or in the back ground at
work making it effortless.  All you do is listen and the mind does the rest.

*The First Hand Miracle Workbook (a mind-blowing exercise): a step-by-step easy to use guide
"What Miracles can happen to you?
Are you ready to experience a miracle first hand?"
"Tammy has the perfect
voice for meditation and
relaxation.  The
First Hand
.mp3 is my
~Shirley Joan
"The First Hand Miracles
is so relaxing.It's like
a wind blowing through the
window of my mind; it makes
me feel so peaceful!"
~Lyle Marvin
"I had the benefit of a sneak
preview, and I agree with
Tammy that The
First Hand
Miracles program
has the
potential to change your life!"
~ Sumner
Ok, here's the deal I'm going to throw in a 60 day 100% customer satisfaction guarantee which means you can return it in
the unlikely event it does not work for you.  You are going to receive $631.00 worth of product for only $29.98!
Order your copy of this life altering program today!

You've got nothing to loose!

Are you ready to change your way of thinking?
Go for it!

Thank you,

PS.  Get your
copy now and I'll also throw in a guided meditation absolutely free!
This free meditation you will only get here.  Here's a hint about its contents:

The first paragraph may give it away too!   $19.95 Value....free.

PPS.  I won't promise that you'll hear every answer in your head, or that you'll channel Socrates (but if you figure out how to
do that please let me know) but it is my intention this program will help you shift and change your perspective.

You can experience Miracles starting today!  Let this be your best year yet
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