Do you wish to connect with your Spirit guides or teachers?
Imagine being swept away to a sacred land.
In the center of this space there is a small fire burning.

Sitting around the hearth, a group of guides, your teachers,
await you.

As you approach you feel all of the tension, worries and
concerns draining away from your body.

You're guides smile at you.  Immeditately you understand this is
your sacred space.

You have been guided here.

A thought enters your mind; a question, a quandry, something
you've been working on.

Within an instant one of the teachers voices echoes through
your mind.  It is only a few words, but it is fitting.

You are transported back to this space in time; miraculously with
a new understanidng, a fresh and new perspective.

This meditation has the potential to help you create change in
your life.  Use it over and over again to refresh, renew and
rebalance yourself!

It is offered in two formats .pdf & an .mp3 - 28:16mins (25.8 MB)
for your convenience.

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Photo by Daniel C. Hebert
"Loved the camp fire
meditation, your voice is
so soothing and relaxing.
I really got in a good
meditation zone
and quickly also.
The music was perfect,
really good
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