Article Submission Guidelines
Thank you for your interest in TLC Services Article archive.  For more than 5 years TLC Services has
published articles on metaphysics, astrology, spirituality, alternative healing and associated topics.  This
archive collection is our on-line presentation of articles on these and similar subjects.

The following Guidelines include information you need to send us an article for consideration.

This article database is a free service to the healing arts and alternative communities as well as the world at
large.  TLC Services offers no payment for articles listed herein;  however, you will always receive credit as
the author of the article.  You will still own the copyright.  TLC Services or its employees are not responsible
for any actions of its readership or the public at large who may copy all or parts of any article or even make
changes to it with or without your permission.  If you have any further concerns about this policy, please
write to us with your specific question and we will send a reply.

Length:  We are seeking articles of 2,500 words or less

Subjects:  Empowering, life-changing techniques and/or information which is practical and thought
provoking.  See Categories below.

Personal Information:
Please include your full name, phone number and email address.  Your pseudonym, if you wish to use one.  If
you have an URL please provide us with its address.

Please submit your article into any of the following categories:

We accept email submissions only; they must be within the body of the email.  Under no circumstances will
attachments be acceptable.

For the article itself, we require the following:

1)  Do not indent paragraphs

2)  Do not add an extra line space between paragraphs

3)  Do not double space your work

4)  Date your title page

5)  Include your contact information

What is unacceptable:
1)  If a topic does not fit into one of the above categories, it will not be considered at this time.

2)  We will not accept any writing that is sexist, racist;  writing that 'bashes' any group;  or writing that
shows intolerances to groups, organizations or individuals.

3) Decisions made by TLC Services on what will be published are final.
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