Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has been known to decrease high blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension.  It
complements other forms of treatment dealing with  depression, anxiety, hypertension, migraines and
insomnia (to name few).

How do I learn meditation?
*You can find many books on the subject from your local library;
investigate those you feel drawn to.
*Participate in a Yoga or Reiki class...most classes will not focus on meditation but will give you a taste of
what it can be about.
*Check out your local newspaper;  many communities hold free meditation classes.

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What equipment is required?
The best part is you do not need anything other than some uninterrupted  space.  Turn off the telephone
and tell everyone in the house to give you some time out with no distractions.

**Candles, soft music or incense do help to set a
lovely calm environment but are not necessary for meditation practice.

Its too hard for me to quiet my mind.
This is a great meditation exercise.

Simply allow thoughts to flow through your mind.
Don't allow yourself to get caught up in following thoughts through.
Give yourself permission to have thoughts and allow them to pass.
(Don't be hard on yourself if your mind won't stop the internal will, with time)
Bring your awareness back to the moment.....focus gently on your breathing.
As you inhale and exhale you are allowing the body and mind to become calm.

There are many types of Meditation to try including;  Mantra, focusing on the breath, relaxation, colour
therapy, chakra meditations, visualizations, walking meditations, mindfulness meditations and the list goes

    Be mindful of your breathing as you explore TLC's meditation pages
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