Walking/Box Meditation

Take a current problem or situation in your life which you need answers
for.  Place the issue in a box (can either visualize a box or literally place
one there) infront of you. Begin to walk in a circle around the box;  
concentrating on lifting the foot, placing the foot down, putting pressure
on the foot as you take a step.
(This gives the ego a job to do - the process of walking)

Walk to the
North....Imagine/meditate on what the situation would be
like from someone else's perspective (maybe someone you know).  Now
walk to the
East.  Meditate on the situation without you in it.  Noting any
opinions which arise.  Now walk to the
South.  Examine the situation
from a strangers point of view.  Meditate on this.  Now walk to the
West.  Imagine what would happen if you did not do anything about the
situation.  Notice what comes up.

This is an awesome meditation to attach to journaling.  Take a few
moments and journal your experience (either after each compass point
or at the end of the meditation).

The process will bring you clarity, peace of mind and
a solution to your problem!
Chakra/Colour Meditation

Visualize a beautiful rainbow above your head filled with
every colour you can imagine.

Pull down the
colour red from your rainbow.
Allow the red to bathe the body, filling every cell, every atom
until every part of you and surroundings become red.

Pull down the
colour orange.  Allow this beautiful
colour to fill your body with its magnificent light.

Next pull down the
colour yellow;
the gorgeous colour of the warm sun.
Fill the body and surroundings with yellow.

Allow the
colour green to enter the body now.
Filling every cell of the body with this beautiful hue;  the colour
of grass, the colour of the trees.
Allow the healing power of the colour of green to
embrace you fully.

Visualize the
colour blue.  Allow the blue to bathe your throat
chakra;  your area of communication and speech.  See  
gorgeous blue mist filling the area, cleansing,
rejuvenating the chakra.

See the
colour purple filling the third eye point;  the area of
your brow between the eyes.  See this colour, like a perfect
plum, filling the entire body with purple light energy.

Release the purple now and fill the body with light
from your higher power.  Your source.
Fill the body with awesome bright
white light.  Allow the light
to embrace you fully........cleansing the body of
pain, stress or fatigue.

Slowly open with eyes and come back to this place in time.  
Fully relaxed, fully renewed.
What is a Chakra?

Notes on Chakra/Colour Meditation:

*This meditation can last 5 minutes or
take as long as you want; do what ever
your body feels the need to do.

*The last two colours are purple and
white for our purposes -- many authors
use the colours purple and indigo
(respectively) Choose whichever you
feel most
comfortable with.

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Notes on Walking/box Meditation:

*This meditation can last as long
as it takes to get answers

*As you walk around the box
keep the hands in the same
placement (maybe holding onto
the elbows or wrists for example)  
This process will keep the ego
busy and your higher
consciousness will open;  it is
always ready to respond to you.  
All you need to do is ask.
photo by C. Aguiar
Photo by C. Aguiar