Reiki Testimonials
"I have had a very challenging year.  The Reiki sessions have
helped me to remain calm and relaxed during quite a stressful
time.  Its definitely helped me.  Thank you Tammy."
Joan, 53, Real Estate Broker
"Spending much of my time with children all day, its great to
treat myself to some personal time.  The relaxation helps me to
be calm and centred - two things you need when working with
Tanya, 30, Childcare provider
"I was in the hospital and Tammy did Reiki on my broken leg.  
The pain disappeared!  I couldn't believe it.
Brandon, 16, student
"I went for Reiki to see if I could get the pain in my neck to
disappear.  When I was on the table the whole one side of my
body felt as though it disappeared.  It was an odd sensation.  
Then after a few minutes the feeling came back and I felt more
balanced than I have in some time.  Its been 3 months now and
the pain hasn't returned!"
Lynn, 42, Bank employee
"I can really tell the difference in my moods and how I feel if I
miss a treatment.  Reiki helps me to be calm and focused.  Its
been a God send."
Oscar, 56, Plant Manager

"Tammy is one of the best out there!"
~Lil S.

"I highly recommend a treatment with Tammy, its is very
transformational and her advice helped in more ways than one!"
~Shannon D.

"There's no doubt in my mind Tammy is doing exactly what
she is meant to do.  Her gentle spirit and guidance were
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